Joining worlds: Leolux and Edward van Vliet

Leolux likes to work with top designers. After all, their combination of vision, creativity and inspiration always results in the most beautiful furniture and accessories. So we’re delighted to introduce you to our new strategic creative director: Edward van Vliet.  

Worlds of experience

In his role as strategic creative director, Edward van Vliet has defined four worlds of experience for Leolux. Four moods that are the inspiration for new colours, materials and patterns for the Leolux collection. During IMM Cologne 2017, we will give visitors a brief glimpse of the collection when we launch the first results of the new collaboration, including a number of new designs. 

Master plan

Designer Edward van Vliet is an excellent choice. In the words of our art director Gisella Groenewoud: “Edward has extensive experience as an art director for other brands. That has given him an international perspective of interior design and a real feeling for style, colours, patterns and textiles. And now, by stepping into Leolux’s shoes, he has come up with a master plan that perfectly suits our brand.”

Initial unveiling at IMM

How does Leolux look through the eyes of Edward van Vliet? You’ll be able to see that during the IMM in Cologne. Not just in the stand design, but also in the collection, to which he has added plaids, carpets and cushions, tables and footstools. And that’s just the start…