About Altus

The story of Altus begins in the 1950s and tells how the Matta brothers, Georges and Antoine, turned a small, artisanal furniture business into six branches across Lebanon, revolutionizing the industry.

In 2014, Ziad Matta led the business to respond to Lebanon’s demand for high-end, avant-garde furniture by opening Altus, a one-of-a-kind showroom specialized in unique and luxurious furniture for the modern consumer.


Altus raises the bar and offers a new, luxurious way of living in Lebanon. As the client’s impetus to purchase shifts, Altus adapts to redefine the high-end furniture shopping experience. Innovative designs and unlimited choices are met with impeccable customer service and a warranty to ensure the client’s satisfaction.


Luxury is not about flamboyance anymore. Real connoisseurs aim not to show off but to show their true colors. Stylish, quality furniture makes people feel good about their environment, and even more importantly, about themselves.

About Our Products

Before Altus opened its showroom doors, Lebanon needed a new luxury provider. It needed an opportunity to house Europe’s leading designs in one place for the convenience of the selective consumer. It needed a supplier who understood the role furniture played in people’s lives—not simply as possessions but as life changers. It needed a variety of trendy furniture that perfectly synthesized technology, design and research—without abandoning tradition. Altus delivered.

Altus offers a wide variety of brands, including: Arketipo, Bull & Stein, Cattelan, ClassiCon, Cobra Art Company, Désirée, Draenert, Driade, Extremis, Foscarini, Frigerio, Gianfranco Ferre Home, Lago, La Murrina, Lladro, Leolux, Manutti, Reflex, Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors, Segis, Tobias Grau, Tonon, Vittoria Frigerio, Walter Knoll, and Zalf.

Altus proudly features one-of-a-kind pieces created by the most talented designers, including: Eoos, Norman Foster, Roberto Cavalli, Philippe Starck, Roberto Palomba, Pininfarina, Trix and Robert Haussmann, Marc Sadler, Edward Van Vliet, Claudio Bellini, Alessandro La Spada, Alfred Roth, Alvar Aalto, Carlo Bartoli, Carlo Bimbi, Carlo Colombo, Christophe Marchand, Cristophe Pillet, David Fox, Ferruccio Laviani, Gino Carollo, Giorgio Saporiti, Gordon Guillaumier, Ignazio Gardella, Jai Jalan, Jehs + Laub, Jörg Boner, Klaus Schneider, Kurt Beier, Laubersheimer, Marc Sadler, Marco Piva, Martin Ballendat, Massimo Castagna, Matteo Thun, Mauro Lipparini, Monica Armani, Paolo Nava, Patricia Urquiola, Peter Maly, Roberto Gobbo, Simone Micheli, Stefan Heiliger, Werner Max Moser, Wolfgang, etc…