Tama Living

The feeling of arrival. At home on the sofa, in the evening after a long day. Over a glass of good wine or in discussion with friends. Valuable in every respect. 

Tama Living is the setting for this special moment. The soft, elegant cushions spread out lavishly. The upholstered elements seem to float on delicate solid wood blades. A clear picture of symmetry, lines and surface, giving the sofa the opportunity to reveal its rhythm: gaps in the backrest make the sheer volume seem less. Side tables featuring the best saddle leather pleasantly nestle up against the upholstery. And there is a special place for that glass of wine, too: not beside but in the sofa – the tray made of solid wood and saddle leather makes sure of that. An ingenious tune on a keyboard of hushed tones. Tama Living – a sofa like a piece of classical music. A composition for cultivated living.