By Mads OdgĂ…rd

The director’s chair, a traditional in the film world, a handy friend in the home, convenience on the beach or on the deck. A timeless wonder, wherever in the world: from your terrace to the hot Kenyan savannah. You have comfortable seating in no time at all. Just the right teak for warm togetherness. A seat to desire with its stylish finish in Batyline® and flexible hinging technique. Functionality, beauty and perception all folding together. 

The Cross is a true eye-catcher with its aligned and powder coated aluminium frame. Inconspicuous, modest, yet still with a presence. A loyal fixture on a small balcony, or a highlight on a sun-drenched terrace. On the beach or in the country, the Cross will always be there for you. Reliable and strong, tastefully contemporary and classic at the same time.