By Christian Werner

A world lies at your feet; ready for you to shape it to suit your ideas on taste, interiors and life. Paleta is your home, your workroom, a place to relax. A broad landscape that offers a warm welcome to friends and family whenever they drop in on you. 

Large covered seat bottoms form the basis for Paleta, a rich programme of sofas that you color to suit you. With luxuriant low or adjustable high cushions and sideboards in various sizes, Paleta is also available without the soft armrests. That gives you the opportunity to create space for an oak table leaf to integrate your side table into your sofa. 

In many of his furniture designs, designer Christian Werner chooses trapezoid shapes and round angles. We see them here too. They lend Paleta an appearance so characteristic of the designs from Werner: discreet, soft and friendly. 

Paleta from Leolux is an experience. A home within your home.