In 1983 people could hardly believe their eyes; in 1984 it was voted Furniture  Piece of the Year; these days it’s well-established as a modern classic. Zyklus — a chair that entered the history books at an early age. In fact, Zyklus came about  almost by chance: the inspiration came from a doll’s chair belonging to  designer Peter Maly’s daughter. The little chair underwent a wondrous metamorphosis: it was changed, adapted, redesigned and modernised, and the simple, stunning end result was an instant hit. Its name, Zyklus, means circle — the clear, compelling shape on which it is based. The full circle appears in the ad justable neckrest and the wheels at the back; halved, it appears in the sitting surface and the backrest, while a quarter-section makes up the armrests. And that’s what gives Zyklus the verve that turns a modern classic into a thing of timeless beauty.